New NC+ Canal plus Oscam And Fix for ECM OK Black Screen

Hello everyone, as you may know Canal plus is dark on 0B01 (CANAL+1 i CANAL+ NOW). For now we have managed to get a config solution and made a new oscam for better support. First Solution: we already have a revised oscam with a solution for disappearing 48/64 bit channels OSCam v7.51 GLOBAL. We added the following: - Change in "Both 48 & 64bit CWs for" option - For channels with 64bit_CW_services CRC verification is disabled. - For others It's active (in other words, the function disables CRC CW checking for specific SIDs) Bin in the attachemed, I suggest you install this newer OScam Second solution: One of the following three solutions should be used, both on the server and on the clients (on each device). 1. In the oscam.config file, in the [global] section, enter: disablecrccws_only_for = 09C4:000000;098C:000000;0500:030B00;1884:000000;0B01:000000;1813:000000 2. In the oscam.server file for each [reader] enter: disablecrccws_only_for = 09C4:000000;098C:000000;0500:030B00;1884:000000;0B01:000000;1813:000000 3. For people using OScam provided in this Post, add such entries in oscam.server for each [reader]: lbit_whitelist_services = 0B01_64bit_cw bothcws_for = 0B01: 000000 and in the file enter: [0B01_64bit_cw] caid = 0B01 provid = srvid = 13ED, 32CD, 32DE, 13EE, 32DC For people using Multics please add this to your profiles: 1- For people using HellBoy multics add this to your config: DISABLECRCCWS_ONLY_FOR: 0B01:000000;1811:003311,023311,003315,003341,00331B,000007,000107;1813:000000;500:030B00,032830,050F00;1817:000000,00006A;1818:000000,00006C,000007;1819:00006D,000007;098C:000000;09C4:000000;098D:000000;0E00:000000;1884:000000;1708:000000;1841:000000;1709:000000 2- For people using normal multics (R82 MESSI Or any edited mcs or R84) add this to all polish profiles: ENABLE SKIPCWC: YES Using these solutions Canal plus Polska should start working again for you and for the people you exchange with.